Rivers show us who we really are

They show us how we’re connected to the earth and to each other


Our Values


Our vision is to restore the local rivers to what they once were: places where people collected clean water for washing, cooking and drinking; children played in the water, catching fish and crabs; older people sat on the banks and found peace and rest listening to the gentle sound of water.



River Rescue works to clean the rivers in the city of Makhanda/Grahamstown and to restore them as sources of clean water and recreation for ALL the residents of the city

Our aim is to restore the link between our rivers and our people

What we do

Our Programmes


Rivers are complex systems, and rivers that run through built-up areas are even more complex. To make a lasting difference we must change people’s hearts and minds and awaken them to their real attachment to the water on which everything depends. 


 Education through schools, clubs, churches, house-to-house surveys and presentations is the focus of our activities, together with the continuing hard work of cleaning the rivers two Saturdays a month.

WhO WE are

Our Story

The headwaters of the Bloukraans River – which runs into the sea at Port Alfred – rise in the bowl of the city. As they flow through the city, they accumulate the trash and sewage from the houses along the riverbanks.
For two years, volunteers from the full spectrum of residents – University students, local residents, city councillors, businesspeople and, most especially, children – have been regularly involved in the ‘housework’ of cleaning rubbish out of the watercourses. Changes have been small, but significant, and participants have learned a great deal as they’ve worked.
‘Pop-up’ schools have provided an opportunity to share knowledge about the rivers, the creatures that live in them, the plants that grow along the banks, and to begin to understand the connections rivers create between us all and the planet we call home.

Get Involved

Many hands make light work! Join us on one of our upcoming clean up days listed here.

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Let’s work together for plastic free rivers.

Upcoming Events


Looks as though it could be on the warm side so let’s start early so we can finish before it gets really hot!
Start at 8 a.m.
Finish when the skip is full.
Bring: hat, bottle of water.
Meet at Elizabeth’s house in Evans street to sign out gloves, boots, buckets.
Rain and sunshine have given the vegetation a HUGE boost, so quite a lot of the work will be clearing vegetation out of the channel.